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right now, a you powerful hurricane earl is headed toward the east coast driving the first tourists from north carolina vacation islands and threatening damaging winds and waves up the atlantic seaboard over the labor day weekend. these are pictures from from the hurricane watch extended to the virginia coast. news 4 midday begins right now. good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. it's wednesday, the 1st of september, 2010. hurricane earl is barreling toward the east coast. bob mcdonnell has declared an emergency today. right now the storm has set its aim on north carolina. some tourists along the outer banks have been evacuated.
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more evacuation orders are possible as earl approaches. earl has been downgraded it a category 3 storm, but it's still a potentially powerful hurricane. we begin our coverage with tom kierein who has been tracking the storm for days. >> it did weaken a little bit overnight and that's good news and also the track changed overnight. the forecast track from the tropical depreks center coming up here, right now as we take a look at this view over the last 12 hours, this is a live view from the beach. there are clouds developing ands surf is not too bad. beautiful first day of september there for now, but this same scene by thursday afternoon and evening and into friday is going to be all different because there is earl. you can see sort of a well formed eye now after overnight it did weeken. it looks like it may strengthen a little bit today as it's getting a little better organized. also fionna is getting a little better organized behind earl. that's a smaller tropical storm
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which looks like its track will be much farther to the east than earl, so that does not appear to be a threat. another one east of fionna. the latest track for earl is still a category 3 hurricane h, the brand new track now just issued by the tropical deapplication center. looks like it will stay a category 3 storm throughout the day today overnight tonight. by 8:00 friday morning, its position will be just to the east, it does appear now, of virginia beach, but still out to sea. and that is good news. the track after that is going to continue on a northeasterly track, but come right near nantucket, martha's vineyard, saturday morning. as it does pass by our atlantic beaches, it will have affects in this green zone of wind and rain and heavy surf, but from the bay
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west, it looks like we'll stay dry on friday as hurricane earl passes out over the open waters of the atlantic, but there could be tropical storm force winds and heavy down pours at the atlantic beaches on friday. eye have a look at our local forecast and the big labor day weekend forecast coming up. >> you say it's been done graded, but does it have the ability to gather more strength? >> it does appear that it's getting better organized again just in the last couple of hours, so it may go briefly back to a category 4. we'll keep an eye on it. >> earl has states up and down the seaboard scrambling to shore up their co-s. beaches in both maryland and virginia are potential targets of the potent storm. elaine reyes is live at fema in southwest washington with how officials are preparing for this first major hurricane to threat p the coast. >> reporter: they've been talking to everyone up and down the east coast and they have
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people in place up and down the east coast, but really they just want folks who live in the path and the affected areas just to really pay attention to any warnings or evacuations that come their way. >> this storm could go either way, just the difference of a little bit could make a huge impact along the coast. >> reporter: ahead of labor day weekend, fema is warning vacationers to continue to keep a close eye on earl. >> when people hear that it's a category 4, now a category 3, that's still a major hurricane. and even once the storm goes by, it will be high surf, waters can be very dangerous. >> reporter: fema officials are still getting regular updates from the national hurricane center. hurricane warnings may be posted along the north carolina and virginia coastlines later this afternoon. today is coordination day between the agency and their local colleagues. >> we brought team misfrom the west coast, put them on the east coast in all the states that
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potentially could be affected. we're in contact with all our state directors, again, and we have teams into the management assistance teams in all of the states that could be affected along the coast, as well. >> reporter: fema has another major briefing at 11:30. they also want people to consider putting together an emergency kit. you can find tips on the website a very busy day here at fema headquarters. >> thank you very much. and we'll check on the midday traffic now from steve who is in for jerry edwards. steve? >> we'll start with a map, there was an unusual accident on the outer loop of the beltway for those headed from springfield toward the wilson bridge, a truck lost its load of light bulbs on the roadway. outer loop, confined to the left side, so if you are headed in that direction, move way over to the right as you approach telegraph road on your way toward the wilson bridge with
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the light bulbs in the roadway. they are working springfield southbound 95, but the hov lanes are now open southbound, so the delay has eased up. so a brief delay heading into that work zone south, that taking away the right lane once again. barbara, back to you. mom, this new feature is so simple. just pick up the phone, dial 202-637-7000 and say next chain. >> yeah. you can now find out exactly when the next metro train is arriving, just by dialing your phone. this is a public service announcement for new train rifle service. just call metro's customer information number, 202-637-7000 and follow the instructions. metrobus riders can also use the service by calling the number and simply saying next bus. if you live in virginia, you'll have to wait at least
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another day before getting your driver's license renewed in person. none of the commonwealth 74 dmvs can handle transactions involving photos because of a computer glitch. the problem first arose last week and it's not clear when it will be resolved. in your license expired or will expire between august 26th and september 30th, you will not be ticketed if you get pull over by a police officer. the race for d.c.'s next mayor is heating up. fenty is preparing to debate gray. it's 9 first debate since the latest poll shows the mayor trailing gray by sizable margin. tracee wilkins has details. >> reporter: according to the "washington post" poll released on sunday, the mayor is trailing by double digits. the did democratic primary is just two weeks away, making today's debate that much more critical. some voters h already know who they want. >> i'm going to be voting for fenty temperature. >> i'd like a change and gray is the one that i would like to see
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in the office. >> reporter: but for those who are undecided -- >> i'm still torn half and half. >> reporter: -- today's debate could be pivotal. fenty and gray will present their views on the issues, ask each other direct questions, and take questions from the audience. so we asked d.c. voters, what would you ask? >> i would need to ask what are their plans for jobs. >> what do you plan on doing as far as something to do for the east. >> what this r. they going to do blacks. >> reporter: both are in an expensive and get out the vote campaign. >> now comes the most important part of the campaign. it's critically important that we not be com place aunt. >> reporter: polls have gray as the frontrunner and fenty has called himself the underdog making this fight even more competitive. >> and we think that we can get
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out a majority of the voters to win the election. >> reporter: today's debate begins at noon here at the muse museum. tracee wilkins, news 4. and joining with the "washington post" and 88.5 radio to bring you today's debate. the candidates will answer questions from three panelists including news 4's tom sherwood. you can watch the entire debate tomorrow at noon here on nbc 4. and we have a better sense today of the direction the next prince george's county executive wants to take the county. >> we're one of the most educated jurisdictions in the nation, so we should have a school system at least that's at the middle of the pack rather than at the bottom. there is a global economy around us and if we don't recognize the urgency of turning around education, believe me, we will continue to fall behind. >> we utilize our children as guinea pigs to five different
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types of programs for educational sake just because we couldn't decide and keep a superintendent longer than two years. >> the five candidates vying for the position squared off last night in a debate at oxen hill middle school in fort washington. they shared their ideas on a number of issues including schools. 11:10 is our time. a change of command in iraq. coming up, just showers after the president announces an end to combat in iraq, the military ceremony takes place in baghdad. we'll have details. plus, leaders of israel and the palestinians are in washington to once again start up the peace process. what the two two sides hope to blish. and our coverage of hurricane earl continues. tom has the latest on where the storm is headed. we'll be right back.
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mideast peace talks are under way in washington. barack obama is meeting with net netanyahu. the formal talks will begin tomorrow with the state department. thighs meetings could a day after a deadly attack in the west bank. over the past 20 years, there have been receiver attempts between the two sides lead to go partial agreements, but never a comprehensive deal. president obama has formally announced the end of combat operations in iraq from the oval
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office, the president said the u.s. has, quote, paid a huge price to give iraqis a shot at shaping their future. >> operation iraqi freedom is over. and the iraqi people -- >> today another formality, a change of command ceremony in iraq. kimberly suitors joins us with the highlights of that event. >> good morning. after seven years, it's the end of operation iraqi freedom, the start of operation new dawn. this is not the final chapter, but a different chapter. a transition. the next phase of an enduring relationship. basically we're not done quite yet. the vice president presided over the ceremony in baghdad and really spent a lot of time talking about sacrifice in iraq. vice president biden pointing out more than a million americans have served in the wars against terrorism. the general who oversaw operations for five years received a standing ovation before and after his remarks.
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he referred to the sacrifice of the iraqi people several times called leaders his friends and really gave a heartfelt good-bye to them as he hands over command to newly promoted army lieutenant austin. let's listen into a few moments. >> this change of mission, to state the obvious, would never have been possible without the resolve and tremendous sacrifice and competence of our military. the finest of our iraqi -- if our iraqi friends will forgive us, the finest fighting force in the world and i would argue the finest fighting force that ever has existed. >> where we are today, that our men and women in uniform believe we have accomplished something that makes the sacrifice and the blood shed not to have been in vein. >> finally to my iraqi friend, i'm honored to have known you, i'm proud to call you my
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friends. i will miss you and i will miss iraq. iraq will always be part of me, but for now, my journey is home. >> lieutenant us a it continue will direct fewer than 50,000 u.s. troops in a noncombat role, but as the u.s. military issing down, the real point underscored today is that american leaders say they are not disengaging from iraq, they're moving forward, with success to be defined in a stable, secure and self reliant iraq. as for claiming any measure of success in iraq, house minority leader john boehner has criticized the current administration saying that former president obama deserves more praise for the surge strategy and those who were opposed to it at the time he says are in you claiming credit for the results. barbara, back to you. >> kimberly, thank you. and now to decision 2010. voters send another incumbent
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packs. murkowski conceded to mill her. she trailed by about 1600 votes and was unable to make up the difference. miller was a tea party favorite and endorsed by sarah palin. murkowski is the third incumbent to lose re-election. two yemen any men arrested because of suspicious luggage remain in dutch custody that as u.s. officials cast doubt on their ties to terrorism p. al soofi and al murisi were put on a flight from chicago to am sister tam after missing a connection to dulles. al soofi had a bag containing a cell phone taped to a pepto-bismol bottle, a box cutter and three knives. al murisi had nothing suspicious but was thought to be flying with al soofi. u.s. now says the two did not know each other. the men have not been charged with anything.
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today the imam in charge of plans to build a center near ground zero is rushing to the u.s. the state department says he'll arrive in new york from a trip to the persian gulf that was supposed to promote religious tolerance. the state department funded that trip. he spent yesterday in dubai speaking to a think tank about the controversial community center plans. he says the issue could shape the future of muslim relations in america. maryland will not adopt a new immigration law similar to the one recently passed in arizona. the frederick county commissioners rejected the plan yesterday by a 3-2 vote. it would have required police to question criminal suspects about their immigration status. it also would have prohibited the hiring of illegal immigrants for day labor. the maryland state legislature also would have to approve such a plan. tom is here again with us to talk about our weather today and
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also take a look at earl. do we call it a guy when it has a guy's name? >> better. >> remember when they were all -- >> they were all female names and then they went to alternates. this morning we have got a beautiful start to the day. the temperatures this morning were pleasant, but now it's starting to get uncomfortably hot. there's a live view. you can see the jefferson memorial there a little bit of humidity in the air. it's rather humid now at reagan national, 86 degrees. and there is a south/south easterly breeze bringing a little humidity in off of the atlantic. elsewhere, temperatures are in the 80s, as well. upper 80s in prince george's county, other maryland an and near the bay, 90. and farther to our west, mid-80s to month fwmry, 80s for shen dou shenandoah valley all the way to
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the peabeaches. west virginia, 70s. and here is the latest now with hurricane earl. looks like it's getting better organized. the eye getting a little better defined right now after it did weaken overnight. to the east and southeast of that is fionna. it is getting a little better organized now. has winds of about 60 miles an hour and it is getting to an strong tropical storm. and then much farther to the east, there off the african coast is what may become gaston. of concern of course is earl. these are the latest statistics. it's still a category 3 storm with 125-miles-per-hour winds. it's a major hurricane and the pressures remain steady moving northwest at about 15 miles an hour. and the forecast track looks like it will maintain a category 3 status by the time it comes near outer banks of north carolina by friday morning around dawn.
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and when you see this lighter orange circle, this is the zone of tropical storm force winds. those may extend inland into the lower bay and the lower eastern shore during the day on friday, but the hurricane force winds, this lighter orange circle, looks like those will stay off the coast. anything before about 75 miles per hour, those winds will likely stay off the coast. but we could have winds maybe 35 to 40 to 50 miles per hour in this one zone here right along the atlantic seaboard from the mouth of the delaware way all the way done to the mouth of the chesapeake bay. this zone here could have tropical storm force winds takes does go by during the day on friday. it will be a fast moving storm, too. by saturday morning, it may be all the way up to the coast of maine, but it does appear that they could have near hurricane force winds, though cape cod, nantucket and martha's vineyard and perhaps eastern massachusetts tropical storm force winds, as well. so the effects for us, it does appear that there will be perhaps near tropical storm force winds here across much of
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the lower eastern shore in this green zone and it will be wet, too, with passing very heavy downpours as bands of heavy done pours oig come in from the atlantic over the eastern shore. but areas generally west of the bay should stay dry as this storm system does go by. now, the wider view for what will be happening here locally next couple of day, we've got this big area of high pressure that's been locked in place that's giving us the hot, dry weather. it will eventually phase, though, as earl approaches and, again, it does appear that earl will stay off the coast, main effects of the storm, strongest winds and heaviest rains off the coast, but we h have perhaps some inland effects. so for this afternoon, it will be sunny, moderate humidity, and poor air quality by midafternoon as the stagnant air will still be in place. so if you have a heart or r respiratory ailment, stay
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inside. perhaps clouds this and out here locally as earl goes by, but probably no rain. and temperatures up around 90 degrees. but from the bay east where they could be lashed by tropical storm forced winds, heavy downpours, heavy surf at the beaches, dangerous to get in the water, and saturday, things should be getting settled down for the labor day weekend, sunny, highs near 80, low humidity. more of the same on sunday. labor day, low and mid-80s. just terrific weather and should warm up as we get back to work and school on tuesday up near 90. and that's the twa looks. i'll be back with another update coming up. >> so we can keep our labor day plans around here. >> is it did look like it. >> thank you, tom. and let's check on the midday traffic now. hey, steve. >> things not too bad right now around the beltway. here's a live shot at the american legion bridge, moving very well. lots of visible payment between the cars, that means no delays
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between tyson's corner and i- 0 i-270. if we head over to springfield, a little volume. southbound 95 moving away from us into the work zone back again today until though there are really no significant delays. right lane blocked. hov lanes in the center of your screen are moving southbound. 11:24 is our time. still ahead on news 4 midday, why sleep is the key to your health. plus our special series on adhd continues. what parents need to know about the misconceptions and the risks of misdiagnosis. and what john mccain's daughter has to say about sarah palin and her new book.
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palin is the object of criticism in a new book by megan mccain. in her book mccain says palin braut drama, stress and uncertainty to her father's presidential bid. mccain also says she called palin the time bomb and that she could explode at any moment. she does not, however, blame palin for the 2008 loss and describes the palin family as nice and down to earth. mccain also urged republicans to be more inclusive. the white house has been busy lately doing a little
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redecorating. the oval office got a makeover. the old formal furniture has been replaced with casual light brown couches and two brown lther armed chairs. there's also beige and gold wallpaper instead of the cream colored paint. the most notable change perhaps is the new rug in front of the president's desk. it has the white house seal in the center and quotes from historical leaders around the edge. coming up in the next half hour of news 4 midday, we continue to follow the path of hurricane earl very closely this morning. beach towns up and down the east coast are paying special attention to the forecast hoping the holiday weekend will not be a washout. tom keierein will also have our forecast, as well. and you may be asking what's that sound, the annoying new noise in one busy neighborhood. plus the alarms new studies out this morning that show the importance of getting a good
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night's sleep and what what l. happen if you don't. we'll be right
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right now on news 4 midday, live pictures from cape may, new jersey, the area is getting ready for a possible visit from hurricane earl. the approaching storm is troubling folks upped a down the
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east coast. towns hoping to get the big crowd this is labor day weekend. ocean city maryland is one of those towns. if you're headed there for the holiday weekend, the state's emergency management director says you may have to deal with 45 to 55-mile-an-hour winds. he doesn't believe any evacuations are necessary. the same can't be said for north carolina where earl is headed first. jay gray has the latest from kill devil hills, north carolina. >> reporter: calm seas can't hide the concern as hurricane earl, a major storm, continues to close in on the east coast. >> from north carolina to maine, any of these areas could be impacted and really getting people to recognize the need to get ready now. >> reporter: the current forecast track shows earl brushing the coast in the next couple of days. >> it doesn't have to make landfall to have very significant impacts. >> reporter: north carolina's outer banks will likely be the first to feel the effects of earl. >> i think everybody's concerned. the locals are saying it's just
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teasing us. so we'll hang out and see what happens until they run us off the island, i guess we'll be all right. >> reporter: evacuation orders are already in effect on ocracoke island and more are expectedboats from the water and preparing to ride ouk the basement if need be. >> reporter: the entire oath coast anxiously awaiting hurricane earl. jay gray, nbc news, kill devil hill, north carolina. >> and today nasa is providing a powerful image showing just how large earl really is. an astronaut captured a picture from aboard the international space station.
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you can figure it out? >> yeah, it filled the whole window. hurricanes can cover hundreds of miles of area and it's a large very powerful storm even though it did weaken a little bit overnight. earl is still packing winds of 125 miles an hour at the center of circulation, but it does appear that the main effects of the storm will be out to sea. let's take a look now at the temperatures locally. we're seeing it heating up. . getting uncomfortably hot now. we're in the mid and upper 80s mid-80s in fairfax and montgomery countys. this is the latest now earl looking back over the last 12 hours, did weaken a bit overnight, but now getting a well formed eye here just in the last couple of hours. so it does show some signs of getting a little better organized and strengthening a little bit. fionna still a tropical storm,
11:35 am
but the winds have increased and another disturbance farther east of there. it does appear earl will maintain category 3 strength, but it may increase speed a little bit in the next day. and then by friday morning, it will be likely just to the east maybe about 100 miles the center of circulation of virginia beach, but in that area, the orange circle is where there could be tropical storm forced winds and those extend into the lower part of the bay, lower eastern shore, southeastern. and with bands of very heavy rain coming through, after that, it races up the atlantic seaboard exiting our area. saturday in the morning affecting southern new england. and for us, well, we'll have temperatures today in the mid-90s with bright sun and then tomorrow near 90, shall high clouds coming in. looks like on friday, no rain here, just clouds from earl, but the beaches could be lashed by strong winds, heavy rain, and some very heavy surf, too, on
11:36 am
friday. but then things will improve beautifully for the labor day weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, lower humidity, highs low 80s, lots of sunshine. that's the way it looks right now. so we should prepare if we're going to be along the beach. >> oh, yeah indeed. >> let's check on midday traffic now with steve. >> we'll start with a live look at the beltway near college park. they're looking for a vehicle fire in this general vicinity, so don't be surprised if you see police and fire rescue looking for a. >> reporter: of a vehicle fire in that area. we'll take you to the map. there was an accident inbound on 267 towards falls church. dulles connector road inside the beltway, only one lane getting by before the interchange of 66. that will slow you down out of mcclain. barb
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barbara, back to you. crews are still cleaning up from a deadly crash on i-95. a tire blew out as it was traveling along the highway near 606 yesterday. the tractor trailer ran for n. to a guardrail and struck several trees before it flipped over and burst into flames. this morning crews are still trying to clean up the screen. the driver of the truck was killed. his name has not been released. investigators are trying to determine what led to the death of a man whose body was found at a virginia army installation. it was found monday in fair tags county. officials believe the man was a soldier, but they're still working to identify him. there's no word on what caused his death. a certain area in downtown d.c. may have your ears ringing. a new device called the mosquito is creating a buzz near the gallery place metro station.
11:38 am
pat collins to find out what purpose the annoying noise serves. >> reporter: gallery place. it's sort of our little times square. a popular hangout young people. maybe sometimes too popular. >> they need to be home reading a book, doing something. >> reporter: hey, you come over here. got some teenagers hanging outside your place making noise, doing all those teenaged things? want to move them away without a hassle? maybe it's time for the mosquito. yes, it's the mosquito. a little tiny box that broadcast a high frequency sound. they say it keeps students moving, causes teens to flee. >> depending on who you want to
11:39 am
drive away, you can vary the levels of the mosquito. higher the age, higher the sound. see what happens in our newsroom. now back to chinatown. they have one installed right near the gallery place metro. the management company says this one is set so everybody can hear it. >> do you hear anything? >> yeah. >> what's it sound like? >> a beeping noise. >> does it make you want to get out of this place? >> yeah. it's aggravating. aggravating. >> it's sort of piercing. it's really annoying. an noxious. >> does it make you want to leave? >> doesn't make me want to hang around here. >> but will the mosquito work? >> the young people are making so much noise, even though it's actually set in place to deter the young people, but the amount
11:40 am
of noises that they're making over womens the sound. >> i hope it works because there are too many teenagers here. >> overrun? >> overrun with teenagers. you can barely make it to the escalator sometimes. kids are everywhere. >> reporter: if the mosquito doesn't work, maybe they should just put a big screen up there and show videos from a wayne newton concert. o one chorus and those kids will be heading home to bed. 11 chlt. 40 is our time. still ahead, stocks are been volatile over the past month. we'll see how wall street will begin september. and making the right diagnosis. what a parent should do first if they suspect their
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chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪
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down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? make sure you get your zs. three new studies came out while you were, we hope, sleeping. erica edwards reports. >> reporter: life is a little blurrier when you don't get enough sleep, making focus and concentration difficult during the day. >> the brain needs to get enough sleep on so it can do the things it needs to do. >> reporter: but that's not all. new research finds depression and anxiety are more likely in
11:44 am
you get fewer than eight hour. and another study shows teens who lack sleep tend to eat more fatty foods and snacks. >> when you don't get enough sleep, there are changes in hormones that control your appetite. >> reporter: researchers say even small changes in eating patterns can lead to weight gain, especially in girls. sleep experts recommend teens get at least nine hours of sleep each night. grownups require a little less, but too little shut eye in adult men can signal major problems. a penn state study links chronic insomnia with increased risk of death in men. men who slept less than six hour as new were four times more likely to die of any cause during the study's 4 year follow-up period. the risks soared high foremen who also had diabetes or high blood pressure. it's alarming news that experts hope prompts many to wake up to the health benefits of sleep. erica edwards, nbc news. and sleep experts suggest getting into bedtime routine to
11:45 am
give your bed a cue that it's time for sleeping. they also recommend limiting use of the internet and video beds before bedtime. if you're looking for a healthy place to shop, the first organic grocery store east of the anacostia river is having its grand opening this midday. you'll be able to get your fresh fruits and veblgables at, yes, organic markets. it's located on the 2300 block of pennsylvania avenue in southeast washington. it's a store that many residents say they've been waiting for a long time to come. doors opened at 8:00 this morning. stocks are surging after surprisingly strong growth in u.s. and chinese manufacturing. we'll check in with courtney reagan with more on that. >> reporter: you said it, we've got nice numbers on the manufacturing and that has pushed stocks hire. we're about 250 points higher on the dow nap is good news because wall street was only able to eek out small gains yesterday.
11:46 am
we do have to tell you the markets closed out the worst august since 2001, really battered by several weak economic reports with the dow falling 4%, the nasdaq losing 6%. so far the month of september is looking much, much better than last month. asian markets rose overnight, europe also positive. we also got employment reports this morning, adp says private sector employment fell by 10,000 in august. economists had expected an increase of 14,000. but apparently the markets are shortening it off with that manufacturing data we got. automakers will be reporting their august sales today. usually between now and noon for those numbers to start filtering out. and research firm jd power and associates believe that those sales slowed considerably in the last week of august partly due to weak signs in the economy. buyers might be holding off in anticipation of big incentives which could boost september sales. the "wall street journal"
11:47 am
reports burger king has been talking with private equity firm about a possible buyout. bk has been publicly traded since 2006, but also been passed through the hands of private investors before. that happened just in 2002. unlike mcdonald's, the world's number two hamburger chain has really struggled in the recession. >> well, we just lost that live shot from new york. but we will have more business news of course later today at 4:00. deciding if a child has adhd is a several step process. there's no single test to diagnose adhd and many other problems like anxiety, depression and certain types of learning disabilities can have similar symptoms. we continue our discussion this morning about adhd. welcome. i think this are a lot of misconceptions about adhd. i think some parents especially with young children don't want to think their child is
11:48 am
different because it sounds like that's some kind of disease. and they'd like to think, oh, no, my child doesn't have that. tell us a little bit about how you go about recognizing the symptoms and understanding that it is not a bad thing that a lot of very successful people have this. >> exactly. it's really not a bad thing to have. you can be a very intelligent person and still have adhd. so generally what you want to do is unfortunately we don't really have a diagnostic test to determine whether somebody has this condition. there isn't a blood test, there isn't any type of radiological study that can be done. so what is involved is a multi-step comprehensive evaluation. so if you suspect that your child may have this disorder, you want to seek the help of a professional who is experienced in making this type of diagnosis. so this would be somebody lying your pediatrician, a child psychologist or a child sigh coy troois. >> so what should a parent look for then? children playing and being crazy sometimes jumping up and down on
11:49 am
beds, those are just normal things for most kids to do. so how do you know if your child is hyperactive or has attention deficit? >> this is where you'll need to seek the help of somebody that's experienced in making this type of diagnosis. all the symptoms of adhd are normal to some degree. so if your child is forgetful, disorganized, makes frequent careless mistakes, is hyperactive, can't sit still, that should raise some red flags that potentially your child has some disorder. so you're going to want to see somebody who is experienced in treating this disorder, generally what they're going to do is they'll have you figure out a behavioral questionnaire, they'll also do a comprehensive history where they'll want to take into considers things like your child's developmental level, their emotional functioning and rule out other medical conditions which might be contributing to the disorder. >> are there medical conditions that a parent should consider before they think of adhd as a possible reason for their
11:50 am
child's behavior? >> i don't think it's necessary lit responsibility of the parent. i think the responsibility rests in hands of the professional who is treating the child. so generally some of the things that the pediatrician, child psychiatrist or psychologist will want to consider are thing like thyroid disorders, sleep disorders. you just did a piece on the effects of sleep about so that if your child has sleep an knee a, that has been shown to contribute to about 10% of the cases of adhd. in addition think about anxiety disorders, any type of learning disability, auditory processing problem, maybe even a hearing or vision problem. >> knowing we were going to talk about this, i went on line and looked at some of the famous people who have been diagnosed or who are suspected of having adhd. justin timberlake says he does. will hit. there are a listening line of people. michael phelps. people who have been very successful. so what are some of the misconceptions about adhd? >> one person to add to that list is albert einstein.
11:51 am
so, again, this get togs one of the misconceptions. some people feel that adht is equivalent to having some sort of learning disorder or it's an indication of lower intelligence. there's absolutely no indication that's the case. another thing that's a common misconception is that adhd isn't even a real diagnosis. this is one that i want to pay a little attention to. some people feel that because there is no diagnostic test which can confirm the presence of adhd, we don't have an x-ray, we don't have any kind of radiological study, or a blood test, some people think if you can't test for it and prove it, then it must not be a real disorder. but i'd like people to think about pain. everybody knows that pain is a real condition. to for some people, pain is so severe that it completely impacts their ability to function. but there is no diagnostic test to confirm that somebody experiences pain. so i'd like people to just think about that. >> a great analogy. and we have another talk about
11:52 am
this next week. >> i look forward to it. >> and we look forward to talking a little bit about medications and whether they really work. >> they do. i'll look forward to it about that. >> thank you for coming in. the time 11:52. coming up, a deer likes beer? you can believe it? plus tom whether be back with another check of the forecast. stay with us. !%
11:53 am
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cathy lanier is known for being tough on crime, but what many don't know is she has a soft heart when it comes to dgs, especially those animals that don't have a home. lanier has a history of rescues shelter dogs. she currently has five, one of which is blind and deaf. but there is one dog in particular who has stolen her heart. she's been visiting the washington animal rescue league to visit watson. an 8-year-old border collie that is half the size of a normal border collie because of a rare birth defect. >> i just try do the best i can to visit and keep him company and i have a picture of him on my computer and i show to everybody i see and say don't you need a dog? i think a dog with special needs make the best pets because i think they realize they need you as much as you need them. >> the chief says she would take watson home but is not sure how
11:56 am
the dog would get along with her bigger dogs. if you're interested in adopting watson on or any other dogs, visit to start an application. a look now at some of the stories we're following this afternoon. >> mcgruff is her biggest dog, the crime fighter himself. coming up, of course we'll have the latest on hurricane earl. plus the social networking website facebook begin as new venture with target. it could change your online experience. we'll tell you how. then on news 4 at 5:00, a world renowned photographer spent two years capturing endangered animals in their habitat and you can see it without even stepping inside the national geographic museum. those stories and again the very latest on earl's path and projected path, that's tonight coming up on news 4 first at 4:00.
11:57 am
we'll be looking for you then. >> we'll be watching. and let's get a look at earl's path right now and talk about our weather for a minute. tom kierein here again. >> it has decreased a little bit in strength overnight. earl is now a category 3 hurricane and the latest track does bring it up the atlantic s seaboard, close enough for tropical storm force winds to be passing through learn the eastern shores. near 90 tomorrow and friday and drier and cooler for the weekend. >> tom, thank you. well, after a long hot day, sometimes nothing is better some say than a nice cold beer. and apparently you don't have to be human to share those sentiments. this deer in china is a real lagger lover. a waitress offered it a sample of we're and the deer more than just liked it, it loved it. it downs about two bottles a day. when the draft runs out, though,
11:58 am
the beer deer will settle for wine. but its true love, a nice cold beer. i don't know how that came up. maybe there was another deer around. that's news for middays. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow at 11:00. have a great day.
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